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Behind the bars

Behind the bars

Originally uploaded by sandosh.

Taken from my room overlooking Jamuna Hostel @ 6:30 PM

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the Moon

the Moon

Originally uploaded by sandosh.

the Beautiful lonely moon on black sky…

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The Morning Indian Sky

Indian morning sky

Originally uploaded by sandosh.

The Morning Indian Sky as seen in Chennai at 8:34AM

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Flower at the GC

flower at the GC

Originally uploaded by sandosh.

My first Macro outdoor photo…

Cool isn’t it?

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For those who have propreity images on their website and want to safegaurd(atleast to some extent) from surfers who just right-click and save or go through the source, find the src and save it, I have a partial solution!

click here for an example!

The solution is to load the image inside a flash object. But then its impossible to make one flash each for every image. So, I made a Flash which can

  • dynamically load Images
  • show the percentage downloaded with a bar
  • dynamically copyright messages or add captions
Here is how to go about it. Download the FlashImg scripts from here.
  1. Unzip the archive. You should find
    • flashimg.php - the php class file
    • images.php - images definition file
    • flashimg.swf - the flash file for loading the images
    • index.php - example file
  2. Edit the images.php file. Will look like this
    $img = new ih2hFlashImg;
    //instantiate the class
    $img ->copyRight("© sandosh");
    //Assign default copyright message
    //parameters in order -> name, src, width, height, alt(to override copyright msg)
  3. Include this file in your pages and use
    to display the flashimg, where parameter is the image name.
  4. All done!

Feel free to use this code and also if possible do drop in a line on which site you are using it.

Enjoy! :)

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Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog.

This is my first post ever!

3 hrs back I was researching for the best blog software on the net, then a linux, open source geek, Manu, my friend IMed me 2 links which were really helpful to decide on what to go with.

Although I didn’t read the article completely, I had narrowed in on MoableType and Wordpress. I again asked Manu for suggestions and as expected he wanted me to choose Wordpress since its licensing was GPL!

So, I finally decided on Wordpress then went on hunting for the right theme. I googled and browsed through most of the themes avaiable here. After almost an hour I chose the theme quintine, which you are currently viewing.

And now, Here I am with no energy left for the day writing my first blog entry…..

ciao ppl :)

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